From "This Week In Education"

The Week In Review, April 7-11

Campaign 2008

School District Shows Preference To Obama, Some Say

Democratic Candidates Catch Up To Dean On NCLB

Classroom-Based Obama Fundraising Video


Spellings: "States Will Game The System As Best They Can..."

Performance Pay, Five Years Ago - Not Much Has Changed

Weekend Reading

Nonprofit Nonsense

So You Think You Want To Work In School Reform?

What Microloans (And DonorsChoose?) Miss

Teachers & Teaching

High School Art Teacher Attacked By Student - On Tape

What Your Students Are Talking About: Cheerleader Beating Video

Narrower Lines For Graduate School Notebook Paper

Think Tank Mafia

Measuring Think Tanks By Media Hits Not Real-World Impact

Local Control And Civil Rights In The Gadfly

Media Watch

Top EdWeek Editor Leaving For Gates Foundation

Best Bloggers: My List Is Better Than Jay's List

Murder Epidemic In Chicago Isn't Really School Crime

Times Phasing Out Education Page, Column

Paid Writing Gigs At Hechinger & The American Prospect

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