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Chicago schools propose initiatives to balance budget The Daley Show
"We'd really hate to do it," the 1987 co-captain of Harvard's basketball team said, "but we will
make headline-grabbing threats -- things that will scare middle-class
city residents who depend on the schools to keep the riff-raff off the
streets -- until we get more money."

What You Should Have Heard At the City Club  Teach and Learn
"What are we doing about
mathematics and science education in CPS? Here's the answer you should have
heard at the City Club:
We've standardized our curriculum, moving
from 80+ elementary mathematics programs to 4 and from 67+ elementary science
programs to 1. We've coupled this with extensive training for
We've spent nearly $1M on tuition stipends
for teachers to enter approved sequences of university courses and earn their
mathematics and science endorsements. You can't teach mathematics or science if
you don't know it.
We've developed and implemented a host of
strategies to help students at risk in high schools, including Step Up To High
School and Two-period Algebra."

Chicago's "Renaissance 2010", a beggar's banquet Small Talk
"And now comes the news that, despite the Mayor's
considerable financial and political clout, despite his hand-picked
school board which includes bankers and billionaires, despite the Gates
Foundation and a powerful board of foundation partners who weild an
inordinate amount of power over the schools, and despite promises of
$50 million from the Chicago Civic Committee, a promise so far
unkept--despite all this,  the system is pleading destitution once
again. But the very community support that was used to apply pressure
to state legislators has been left untapped or has evaporated in
school-closing fiascos."

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