Friday Roundup

Updates from the dailies about the Gov's preschool plan, LSC vote-buying, deseg rampdown, and more.

plan not for all

Gov. Rod Blagojevich's landmark "Preschool for All
Children" initiative won't give all children access to free preschool
after all, at least in the short run.

It's old school in South Loop: $5 to cast vote?
Vote-buying might be considered a Chicago tradition, but it is a rare
allegation in a local school council election--until now.

Budget needs 'seven days of sunshine'

State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka said the Illinois Constitution should
be changed to require that the final version of a state budget be made
public for at least seven days.

case near end

A federal judge said Thursday that "the end clearly is
in sight" for a 26-year-old court case over the desegregation of
Chicago's public schools after lawyers for the school system and
federal government reached
a tentative settlement.

Settles Desegregation Suit

The federal judge overseeing Chicago's school desegregation case will wait a while, before officially approving a
settlement between the district and the U.S. Justice Department.

Six city
teachers honored by kids

Immigration reform may fall under social studies, but Benito Juarez
High School science teacher Khara Criswell spends a lot of time dealing
with that issue.

Lessons in flight Chicago Journal
every time Mirko Pintar, a volunteer instructor at South Loop School
and a South Loop resident, asks fifth-graders what they want to do when
they grow up, he hears the same answer: professional basketball player.

Where in the world is wisdom?
In a world with Yahoo Maps, GPS devices and OnStar-equipped vehicles, why does knowing geography matter, anyway?

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