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Choir Academy back in tune | Chicago Tribune.
The Choir Academy Charter School of
Chicago, which for two years has fought for its survival amid a series
of financial and governance problems, appears to be out of intensive
care and on the road to recovery.

roundhouse swing at school funding lacks punch

I figure Gov. Blagojevich's new education plan will
probably end up like that bench-clearing brawl at White Sox Park last weekend:
a lot of hype, a flood of media analysis, much huffing and puffing from all
corners -- all over an initial punch that didn't even knock down the intended

Gov's grab
bag of goodies spoils taxpayers' dinner

The year 2025 is not that far off; certainly not asnfar off as I'd like. I'll be 65 then, or dead, and I'm diligently preparing forneither condition.

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