Friday Morning Papers

17 more mumps cases erupt in Illinois Sun Times
reports of mumps in Illinois surfaced Thursday, when state public
health officials reported a total of 63 confirmed or probable cases of
the contagious viral infection.

14-year-old killed in South Side shooting Sun Times
A 14-year-old boy was killed early Friday following an argument on the South Side.

Are School Districts Encouraging Sprawl? WBEZ
Chicago Public Radio's Shawn Allee reports on how school districts are influencing suburban sprawl.

Luis Gutierrez's launches national citizenship
Sun Times
order to keep pressure on Congress to pass an immigration bill dealing
with national security as well as the plight of illegal immigrants in
the U.S., Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) will launch an ``aggresive''
citizenship drive.

Waukegan High names new principal
It's Farragut's Eddie Guerra.

Cellular leash lets parents track kids Tribune
Anxious parents will have a new tool
to monitor their children's whereabouts starting Thursday when Sprint
Nextel Corp. begins offering a service that takes advantage of global
positioning system technology to turn the kids' phones into tracking

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