Friday Morning News Roundup

Chicago dodges a severe-weather bullet Tribune

Winds on Thursday morning caused a scare for students at Rosario
Castellanos Middle School at 2524 S. Central Park Ave., where roof
scaffolding started blowing around, said Chicago Public Schools
spokesman Malon Edwards.

The Next Generation Transfers Schools Chicagoist
The lastest basketball buzz in Chicago is that an MJ will be playing basketball elsewhere next season. No, not that MJ... but his son, Marcus. [from Loyola Academy to Whitney Young]

TV-inspired 'CSI' courses may prepare students only for acting jobs Medill Reports
since "CSI" tidied up science for network TV seven years ago, students
have been begging schools to offer forensic science degrees. A look
through the 160 or so forensic programs shows that now, at least,
they're responding. Only problem is, many don't prepare students to do
so much as a fingerprint analysis.

Schools foundation names Chicagoan its new director The Oregonian
The Portland Schools Foundation has chosen as its new
executive director a Chicago educator [Connie Van Brunt] known for leading an
award-winning after-school program in the city's most
impoverished neighborhoods.

It's Getting Ugly in Springfield Chicagoist
It's been said that politics makes strange bedfellows, but we wonder if
politics just makes you crazy instead. While Blagojevich strolls around the capital trying to convince the General Assembly to play ball with his all but dead budget, Emil Jones is taking shots Mike Madigan by proxy...Madigan, of course, is sitting pretty.

Sour note: CPS error may mean deportation for leader Sun Times
In just one year, a beloved band director at Chicago's Peterson
Elementary School revived a beleaguered music program, inspired
reluctant kids to take up an instrument and won over parents and
teachers.Now Sukumaran faces deportation over a broken promise by Chicago Public School officials.

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