Friday Morning News Roundup

Black and Latino Elementary Schoolers Outperform Illinois Peers WBEZ
and Latino students in Chicago begin elementary school reading at a
lower level than their counterparts in the rest of the state.

Study: Chicago Public School Students Outperforming State Peers
Overall, Chicago Public Schools scored lower than other systems in the state. That was because minority students have consistently lower scores than whites, ...

Kids who cut class may be sorry now Tribune
School chief Arne Duncan said the study is "extraordinarily encouraging." "We're thrilled," Duncan said. "But ultimately we have to stop playing catch up. ...

U.S. Board of Education Tells State to Empty Its Pockets Chicagoist
The feds aren't really saying that CPS didn't need the money, which
was earmarked for poor schools. The recent audit found that the school
district misrepresented itself in order to keep the money, counting
vacant positions and opening needed positions but never filling them.

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