Friday Morning News Roundup

Year-Round Schools Open On SW Side Southwest News-Herald
Four Chicago Public Elementary Schools began their first day of year-round education today (Thursday), and 12 more will start next ...

When a child is killed, what happens after the marches? Medill Reports
To that end, his organization works with Chicago Public Schools on attendance and truancy, and recently invited parents to sign a literacy contract pledging ...

A stronger education law Chicago Tribune
No one argues that NCLB can't be improved, but there's likely to be a
heck of a debate about how to do it. U.S. House and Senate committees
are expected to begin discussing that later this summer. Congress has
to resist the efforts by some education groups that want to water down
the demands and expectations of NCLB.A better idea -- strengthen the law in critical areas so it has every  chance to succeed.

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