Friday Morning News, Part 2 [Test Scores]

'No Child' testing fallout— 66 schools fail to meet grade

Passing rates plunged among Illinois' bilingual students this year

after they were given the same exams as other students, and dozens of

public schools have been deemed failing as a result.

Still, Koch said, the new data have value. "We probably are seeing a

more accurate representation of grade level performance," he said.

Chicago area's best schools Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago — with 84 percent low-income kids — dominated not only the top

but the bottom of the Sun-Times' lists, producing 42 of the 50

lowest-scoring high schools; 39 of the 50 lowest-scoring middle-grade

schools and 46 of the 50 lowest-scoring elementaries.

State Releases School-by-School Test Scores WBEZ

The Illinois State Board of Education is releasing test score results for individual schools today. To find your local school’s scores, check out Northern Illinois University's Interactive Illinois Report Card.

U of C study says ISATs set 8th-grade math bar too low Chicago Sun-Times

U of C Consortium Director John Easton was stunned to find only 3

percent of CPS eighth-graders who hit the minimum passing score —

called "meeting state standards" — in the math ISAT later scored a 20

on the ACT.

Reasons behind flat high school scores Chicago Tribune

Illinois grade school students have improved steadily on state exams in the five years ..

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