Friday Morning News, Part 2

Breaking down the AUSL retention rate Catalyst

Only 115 of the 243 teachers—about 47 percent—are still, as of

this academic year, teaching at the schools where they were originally

placed....For example, two graduates from 2003 are now principals at

AUSL schools.

Students, pick up your pencils and prepare to focus Medill Reports

Chicago Public Schools

students in grades three through eight take no fewer than four

standardized tests in a year. Three times, they take a districtwide

test. Then, in March, they take the most significant: the Illinois

Standards Achievement Test.

Educators engineer programs to excite students about science Medill Reports

Educators in the Chicago Public Schools

and programs throughout the country are looking at the best ways to

integrate an often intimidating subject in elementary and high school


Please report to the principals office . . . or to the reporter Medill Reports


that Prosser has an armed police presence in the school as well as

metal detectors at the entrance, it is surprising to hear Nieves say

the most serious security risk is the cell phone.

Sex Ed in Chicago Public Schools WBEZ

Chicago Public Schools Health Education Manager Vicki Pittman explains sexual education in the schools.

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