Friday Morning News, Part 1 [money]

Schools turn to mass layoffs to ease deficits Reuters

Even the Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in

the United States and Obama's home base, is not pinning its hopes on

the stimulus program.

Quinn says he'll push to boost education funding in Illinois St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Gov. Pat Quinn didn't have any real specifics to share with

hundreds of teachers Thursday, but his assurances that he was on their

side and would fight for more funding for education brought them to

their feet.

City will use stimulus to improve 'human infrastructure' Chicago Sun-Times

Last month, 46 Chicago aldermen signed their names to a City Council resolution demanding that city departments, the CTA and Chicago Public Schools outline their stimulus projects, the number of jobs those projects would create and the criteria for

"Poor" Chicago schools give deal to wife of ex-board chief Crain's

Edison approached her after it got the contract on its own in 2007,

saying it needed a minority partner, she says. Since then, according to

Ms. Chico, she has been involved in every aspect of the larger

contract, in which Edison is revamping four West Side elementary

schools that are being closed for poor performance.

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