Friday Morning News, Part 1

Illinois sees slight decline in school enrollment Chicago Tribune


Chicago Public Schools lost more than 45000 students in the last five

years, according to the state report card, and a city school

spokeswoman said ...

Murders Jump in Obama’s Back Yard as Chicago Cuts Police Hires Bloomberg


pupils have died from gunfire since the semester began in September,

said Mike Vaughn, a spokesman for Chicago Public Schools.

Teen shot to death after leaving ballgame ABC7Chicago


is a recent graduate from the Chicago Public Schools district. He was

attending a basketball game Wednesday night between Hyde Park and

Harlan, ...

Who Will He Choose? New York Times

Many of the reformist hopes now hang on Obama’s friend, Arne Duncan. In Chicago, he’sa successful reformer who has produced impressive results in a huge and ...

Next wave of desegregation Catalyst

Efforts to purposefully integrate schools after the consent decree is

gone are likely to focus on income not on race. Also, a battle will be

fought over the quality of bilingual services in CPS.

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