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Immigrant influx to Chicago suburbs spawns foreign language schools Tribune

Chinese-American children are learning to pen characters in Naperville,

while Indian children are studying Tamil in Aurora. Ukrainian

youngsters conjugate verbs in their parents' and grandparents' language

at a cultural center in Palatine, and Polish schools are flourishing

throughout the region.

The fight against lice goes upscale Tribune


don't agree on the usefulness of delousing salons, but that hasn't

stopped them from multiplying. The traffic at the recently opened

Chicago salon called Hair Fairies - The Head Lice Helpers is just one

indicator of the anxiety and desperation parents feel when they hear a

pupil in their child's class has head lice. Via Chicagoist.

Crystal ball clearly full of surprises Tribune

Two days after Tribune Co. reports its best quarterly earnings in five

years, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Zell buys the Chicago

Public League. "It's time for a real challenge," Zell says. "When it

comes to underperforming assets, the Public League makes Tribune look

like Google. It has five zillion students and has never won a state

football title."

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