Friday Morning News

Electrical Fire Breaks Out At South Side Elementary School NBC5

Some students reported breathing problems. Six were transported to area hospitals.The

fire knocked out the school's heat and electricity. Students will be

bussed to another location if the problem isn't fixed by morning.

Feds say CPS lets down kids learning English Sun Times

The latest motion contends that last school year, close to 3,000

children who were still learning English did not receive required

services, or were given inadequate or untimely service. CPS has been

aware of the problem since a 2002 analysis, but since then, the number

of such children has grown, the motion contends.

The New Business of Education-Charter Schools PBS

"We have a

college counseling course that wouldn't be allowed under the union contract

where a non-certified college counselor is really the teacher of that class

and guides the students through every step of the college application


Dream about owning a business? They can teach you how Medill Reports

The program, aimed at students from Chicago public schools that have entrepreneurship programs, was part business guidance and part recruiting for UIC. ...

Illinois may back Off 'silence' requirement in schools St Louis Post Dispatch

That law was subsequently suspended by a Chicago area court pending a

constitutional challenge on grounds that it was government-sponsored

religious mandate.Rep. John Fritchey, D-Chicago, sponsor of the current bill to make the

practice optional, said his intentions are not "anti-prayer."

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