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Chicago links school cameras to 911 center Tribune

By Gary Washburn | Tribune reporter March 7, 2008 More than 4500 cameras in Chicago public schools are being connected to police headquarters...

Daley unveils plans to increase school security Sun-Times

From now on, there will be, what schools chief executive officer Arne Duncan calls an "extra set of eyes" -- or several pairs.

City police get access to school camerasChiTown

City establishes high-tech partnership with schools; Daley proclaims Chicago as the security camera king in the U.S.

Threats reported this week at West Chicago high school Kane County Chronicle

WEST CHICAGO – Officials at Community High School District 94 in West Chicago was offering a $2500 reward for information about who wrote a threat of ...

Is removing staff at poor-performing schools effective? The Plain Dealer

That decree came at the same time as a proclamation by Chicago school officials that they planned to fire the staffs of eight struggling schools and replace ...

Group offers classroom, building supplies for schools, other groups Tribune

Chicago Public Schools are a

major beneficiary, with 80 schools receiving free supplies, Gonzalez

said. CPS even donated the former book depository that ...

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