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2 Lane Tech students take national debate crown Tribune

Morgan Park team takes 3rd overall in inaugural of Chase championships

Students get schooled in the new three R’s: rapping, rhyming and reality Medill Reports


Career Academy hosted a hip-hop workshop Wednesday with the goal of

teaching students the importance of education through the music they


Deadly Lessons: Friday CLTV


up on Friday, we'll wrap up our weeklong Deadly Lessons series with a

discussion about solutions to the violence. We'll also take a closer

look at the programs that are working to reach young people. Chicago

Public Schools President...


Those caring for grandchildren advised to get legal guardianship Methods


parents will show up out of the blue to reclaim their children – even

if the child would be better off with the grandparents. But there are

free support services to help people caring for...

CTA to test smart card for students Chi-Town


new program combines student identification cards and CTA fare cards.

The program would also allow the school district to track the

whereabouts of students. Some say the move raises privacy concerns.

Escape to the suburbs? Not if you're looking to save money on housing Medill


transportation costs continue to soar, a new online index is

challenging the notion that it's less expensive to live in Chicago's

suburbs than it is to live in the city.

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