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Not much about CPS today, so:

Job One for McCain or Obama: Jobs

BusinessWeek -

Obama proposes a more active

approach to helping manufacturing. In a June 16 speech in Michigan, he

advocated "a competitiveness agenda built upon education...

Presidential candidates urged to focus on schools

Florida Times-Union, FL -

Obama has made change the

catchword of his campaign. Spellings said that's something the next

president should embrace when it comes to education.

Obama poised to get AFSCME endorsement

The Associated Press -

Committee for the AFL-CIO — the nation's largest labor organization — which did not endorse in the McEntee also is chair of the Political Education...

Chancellor Klein Seeks Power To Certify Teachers, Principals New York Sun

The state of Florida this week is getting a taste

of New York City's efforts to improve public schools ...

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