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Gun ban ruling has Chicago thinking it's next The Associated Press

Chicago Public Schools officials say 27 students have been killed by gunfire since September. Pamela Bosley lost her 18-year-old son two years ago, ...

Court blows away gun ban Chicago Sun-Times

Arne Duncan, head of the Chicago Public Schools. Since the beginning of classes last fall, 26 students have died from gun violence.

School officials fear new budget will be lean on capital Chi-Town Daily News

Chicago Public Schools officials say the possibility of a state budget without any money for building and repairing schools would leave ...

City's third and fourth-graders lagging CTDN

Among other actions Wednesday, the board approved an

amended guidelines for principals and teachers dealing with students affected by domestic and date violence. Patrick J. Rocks, CPS general counsel, says his office receives

more calls from principals with questions related to protective orders than

any other issue.

Private High School Students to Work for Tuition WBEZ

Christ the King Jesuit College Prep is

breaking ground on a new building today.

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