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Teacher Called Our Son A Terrorist, Family Alleges


Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan said he commended the family for coming

forward, and looked forward to a thorough investigation into exactly

what was ...

Teacher called 6th grader a terrorist, federal complaint says Chicago Tribune

The family of a 13-year-old Muslim student who claims

that a former teacher singled him out as a "terrorist" ...

FactCheck: Ad on sex simply false Rome News-Tribune, GA -


to enter into a formal partnership with the Chicago Teachers Union to

"advance the Chicago Public Schools to the next level of education


Report Finds 'Sweet Spot' to Attract Teachers WBEZ


report out this week looks at what it would take to get

college-educated professionals to switch careers and become public

school teachers.


CPS GIving Kids Money for Good Grades Chicagoist, IL -

Harvard prof: Cash would have kept me off streets Chicago Sun-Times

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