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Obama's White House TIME


Obama's choice for education secretary, Chicago school chief Arne Duncan, is getting a warm welcome from most factions of the

education community.

The President's Man

And that explains how Obama settled on Arne Duncan,

his basketball friend and the widely respected leader of Chicago's

public school system. Of all of Obama's Cabinet choices, none was quite

so characteristic of the incoming president's

Duncan's track record, part 2Catalyst


installment of Catalyst's series on the record of Secretary of

Education nominee Arne Duncan examines his efforts to raise the bar for

principals, and what's still lacking for special education.

Duncan 'Poster Child For No Child Resistance' Huffington Post (& TWIE)


educators will be happy to know that, under Arne Duncan Chicago was the

poster child for districts resisting and criticizing the law. Others


Michelle Obama Stirs Pride At Alma Mater Whitney Young Huffington Post


Dolphin is going to the White House.

Supporters of basketball coaches accused of paddling make plea to ... Chicago Tribune

Two Chicago Public Schools basketball coaches accused of paddling athletes should be given warnings and not lose their ...

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