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Fans, schools adjust to Chicago Public Schools' ban on visiting ... Chicago Tribune

Restrictions on game attendance announced last week by Chicago Public

Schools took effect this week. Fans can't attend away games unless they

have been ...

Chicago Public Schools announces next round of closings Austin Weekly News


that Chicago Public Schools has spoken, staff and parents at 16 schools

set for closure are scrambling to save their jobs and students ...

Summary story of the Board of Education meeting and protests Substance


came, and they came fast and furious, and before one knew it, as many

as a thousand children, teachers, parents and other concerned community

members came out in mass to protest the Renaissance 2010 plan to close,

turnaround, phase out, consolidate and otherwise turn the Chicago

public school syst em upside down and inside out.


at school board, Civic Committee, and City Hall Substance

By 5:20, more than 1,000 people were

involved in the march and protest, which continued back at the Board of

Education while moving north towards the offices of Mayor Richard M.

Daley as well.

Jean M. Murphy, 1925-2009; longtime teacher, administrator with ... Chicago Tribune

Jean M. Murphy taught grade school before taking an administrative post with Chicago Public Schools, where for 22 years ...

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