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Chicago Teachers File Discrimination Claim WBEZ

"Somehow, we have
become the problem for the social ills of certain communities. Teachers
are being displaced after 15, 17 years. "

'Very bad audit' turns up trouble at education office Sun Times

state's top auditor called for a criminal probe of the suburban Cook
County regional education office after an audit found that the director
repeatedly used a government credit card for personal expenses and
approved questionable payments to relatives on his payroll.

Program has the prescription for building reading skills: Fun CTDN

Sing and Read! began as a way to address low reading scores at Chicago
Public Schools. Just don't tell kids it's a reading class.

Is the child bad or is it ADHD? Defender

child can't be still, his grades are decreasing and he won't listen in
class. While some family members, friends and teachers might consider
him a menace, modern science may diagnose him with having Attention
Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Boring a Common Complaint Among Dropouts WBEZ

Mykelle says he's BORED by
school. That's a complaint that a lot of dropouts make. What they MEAN
when they say that can be harder to figure out.

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