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School funding lawsuit leaps 'major hurdle'Catalyst


advocates are savoring their first victory in a legal case challenging

Illinois' school funding system and say the win comes at a critical

juncture in state budget talks.

Man shoots, misses target but hits CPS high school: prosecutors Sun Times


firing his .38 caliber handgun at a man he fought with earlier outside

a branch court on the West Side, a 24-year-old man struck a Chicago

Public School while classes were in session, Cook County prosecutors


Teen shot in leg in Belmont-Cragin Sun Times


are seeking a suspect in the shooting of a 17-year-old Wednesday night

in the Northwest Side's Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.

Disabled students break through college barriers Medill Reports

Students with disabilities

share their experiences and advice in this article and video.

Teacher crowd rallies for union effort at charter school CTDN

"They're teachers just like we are, and they have rights just like we do."

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