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Duncan's successor at CPS faces on the job lessons Chicago Tribune

The man who replaced US Education Secretary Arne Duncan

at the helm of the nation's third-largest school district has no

previous education experience. But Ron Huberman hasn't had time for

remedial lessons.

Schools not sure about arts education funding Medill Reports


combination of private and discretionary funds for the arts may again

be necessary, despite an increase of $2.5 billion in the Illinois

budget -- the biggest in the state's history.

Delayed Ren 2010 report has lessons for school startups



Schools Fund has released a report showing that students in some

Renaissance schools posted test scores slightly below students in

neighborhood schools. But the study also highlights best practices that

show Renaissance is “on the right track,” says one researcher.

Huberman’s performance SWAT team Catalyst

New CEO Ron Huberman has brought on a small team of elite managers to

hammer out a “performance management” strategy for the district’s

central office.

U.S. pushes preschool literacy, but what about math?



shows kindergarten math skills are the best predictor of later school

success. But the U.S. still has a long way to go to catch up with other

countries, where educators teach more math skills and concepts in the

early years.

Pros and Cons of Teacher Unions at Charter Schools WBEZ


say they want more of a voice in the school’s decision-making process.

But could unions affect the qualities that draw many teachers and

students to charter schools in the first place—the freedom to be

flexible and experiment with new educational methods.

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