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Daley pushes Springfield agenda lacking ethics reform Chicago Sun-Times

Schools chief Ron Huberman
called Quinn's proposed $51.5 million increase in funding for Chicago
Public Schools the smallest increase since 2002 and "one of ...

HIV 'viral' video aims to capture Chicago teens' attention Medill Reports, IL

With personal accounts from affected teens themselves, a new HIV/AIDS education video will begin making the rounds in Chicago Public Schools this fall. “Instead of letting the authorities have the voice, we give the camera to the folks most affected,” ...

Report calls foul on athlete's grades Austin Weekly News, IL

Doctored grades of high school athletes are the center of a continuing investigation by Chicago Public Schools.
Four student athletes' grades were inflated by school employees before
the students' transcripts were sent to colleges, a report by the ...

Districts set to up the ante on research Catalyst Chicago, IL

Consortium spokesperson Tracy Dell'Angela
says more districts are seeking guidance on the research front, and
Easton organized the forum so that districts can learn from the
Consortium's experience and begin to collaborate on their own
initiatives. ...

North Shore Group Pushes for Research on Education Funding Reform WBEZ

McGee of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Lali Watt of
United We Learn discuss alternatives to our current school funding
structure and the role of the community in making changes happen.

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