Friday AM News: Scoring method faulted, Colleges' 'preferred' lenders, Vallas leaving Philadelphia, New Montessori class

Scoring method on ISAT faulted, big gains could have been inflated, state adviser says Tribune
One of the state's own testing advisers is questioning dramatic gains on 2006 state achievement exams, saying a scoring technique could have inflated results. John Wick, a professor emeritus at Northwestern University who serves on Illinois' State Testing Review Committee, stopped short of accusing the state of deliberately manipulating data.

Madigan looking into colleges' 'preferred' lenders Sun Times
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office contacted Western Illinois and Chicago State universities Thursday in response to new allegations regarding "preferred'' student lenders at those schools.

Political future up in the air Sun Times
If Paul Vallas does still have the political bug, he might have to be patient or gird himself for a fierce political fight -- most likely both. Mayor, governor or U.S. senator would be the offices he would be most likely to seek, but none are certain to open up any time soon.

He'd rather not be in Philadelphia Sun TImes
After a five-year absence from Chicago, Paul Vallas is bowing out as Philadelphia Schools CEO and returning to the Chicago area, where he's been looking at homes via the Internet for a few months, relatives say.

Parents blame politics for new Montessori class Chicago Journal
A storm is brewing at Drummond Montessori School at 1845 W. Cortland over a recent decision by administrators to create a fifth early childhood classroom for 18 additional students age three to five.

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