Friday AM News: Lawsuit, Lice, Anger Management, Reenrolling

Lawsuit over school shirts is getting to be attiresome Sun Times
Every now and then someone says something that makes you want to stand up and shout, Amen! One such moment came at a recent federal court hearing on a lawsuit over kids wearing T-shirts in school -- yes, a federal case over kids wearing T-shirts in school -- when Judge Richard Posner declared, "Why do people bring lawsuits over such trivialities?"

Sandridge parents bugged by lice Munster Times
A staff member from the Cook County Department of Public Health is expected to check out Sandridge Elementary School today and its procedures for dealing with head lice.

Schools offer parents help in cooling hot tempers Tribune
In an effort to improve the outlook for pupils, Palatine-based Elementary District 15 will offer parents lessons in anger management.

Reenrolling High School Dropouts WBEZ
A panel of educators, politicians and community leaders says Illinois needs to significantly increase programs to help reenroll thousands of high school dropouts.

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