Friday AM News: Catering to a healthy life, Abstinence, Reassuring kids, Spray hospitalizes kids, Local schools council

Class caters to healthy life Tribune
Over the smell of sizzling pan-fried green tomatoes, Jean Saunders discussed cooking techniques in a freshman English class at Pritzker College Prep.

Abstinence education works Tribune (commentary)
As an expert in the field of abstinence education and teen health for more than 10 years, I have seen firsthand the benefits of abstinence education and feel the need to respond to "Study pans abstinence programs" (News, April 14).

School tries to reassure kids on 'heartbreaking day'  Sun Times
Avalon Park Principal Geraldine Laury was arriving at school Thursday when she saw an eighth-grader -- a good friend of Quentin Jackson -- running out of the school, followed by a security guard.

Wakie, Wakie, Eggs 'n Bacey, Kids! Chicagoist
We wish we could have gotten the message to whatever anonymous person sprayed the burning substance at Stockton Elementary School yesterday. It could have staved off eight hospitalizations and a school evacuation, anyhow.

Chicago tries to take power from local schools council, their creator says 'don't do it' WBBM780
Chicago Public Schools officials have been leaning on legislators in Springfield to restrict the power of local school councils. But, as WBBM’s Steve Miller reports, the former senator who was the key player in creating local school councils says cutting their power would be a mistake.

7 pupils in hospital after inhaling spray Tribune
Seven youngsters were taken to area hospitals Wednesday after someone discharged pepper spray inside a theater at a North Side elementary school, authorities said.

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