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Click below for today's news about the Blago education plan, the Daley tax increase for schools, plus the ACT flub and the spelling bee. 

`Trust me' doesn't cut it

Rod Blagojevich hatches a plan, practically overnight, to privatize the
state's lottery and invest the estimated $10 billion in proceeds in
education. The plan is so vague and risky it raises a thousand
questions. An obvious one: How did you arrive at the $10 billion figure?

Daley OKs tax boost to plug school deficit

Richard Daley has authorized the Chicago Board of Education to approve
the maximum permissible property-tax increase so that the Chicago
Public Schools can balance a budget for next year that started with a
$328 million deficit in its initial draft, officials said Thursday.

Harvard kids get apology over ACT

40 parents and students heard apologies Thursday afternoon from Harvard
school officials over ACT college-entrance exam results that were
thrown out because administrators failed to start the test on time.

Local speller slips on sweat

breaking a sweat, Lincolnshire 8th grader Theodore Yuan spelled his way
toward a championship finish in the first network televised spelling
bee finals Thursday night, but in the end stumbled on a word related to
sweat glands.

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