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State board passes new school junk-food ban CST
A revised ban on junk food in elementary and middle school vending
machines passed the State Board of Education on Thursday but next faces
scrutiny by a legislative committee that rejected an earlier version of
the ban in April.

Meeks demands Daley fix teacher problem CST
Sounding a lot like a mayoral challenger, state Sen. James Meeks
(I-Chicago) demanded Thursday that Mayor Daley fix a problem with a
"strong hint of racism": poorly qualified teachers concentrated in
black and Hispanic schools.

Hundreds of Black men join Meeks ... Defender
At a rally and news conference outside of Mayor Richard M. Daleys office Thursday, Rev. and State Sen. James Meeks (I-15th) and 400 Black men demanded the mayor bring more better qualified teachers into the citys poorest schools.

Philadelphia shares some lessons Charlotte Observer
Some reforms Vallas touted have already happened in CMS. Others would be new and controversial if CMS were to try them.

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