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Education group rips state, teacher plans CST
Illinois has plans to help direct qualified teachers to the neediest
students, but a national education group Thursday said the plans fall
short and ranked Illinois among the worst states in identifying schools
that are shortchanging kids.

8,200 kids compete for top schools CST
With less than a month before school starts in Chicago, homeless
students and those from recently closed schools are just learning that
they are eligible to apply for coveted spots at some of the city's
top-performing public schools.

Illinois lowers required score on a key exam for teachers

Illinois State Board of Education voted Thursday to lower the passing
score on the social science/history test that teachers must pass before
receiving their licenses, saying that too many prospective teachers
were failing the exam.

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  • Every year the Sun Times does some story about how kids from terrible schools will get some last ditch chance at getting into somewhere absolutely terrific. What I think it means is that how kids from a terrible school (that closed) will get a shot at going to school at somewhere that is open and not as bad as where ever they were before. Let's not kid ourselves, there aren't 500 slots at Bell, Hawthorne and Kenwood being given out in late August... The fact that a school is open and has room at all makes it a "better" school by CPS standards....

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