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ComEd CEO tries to light road to success for black teens Sun-Times
The small group of Wendell Phillips High School teens listened intently to Frank Clark, keenly aware of themselves as the endangered young, African-American males whose plight Clark was discussing, but also aware of themselves reflected in the man who sat in a classroom in one of their too-small desks, speaking to them softly.

Lots to answer before schools get more money Sun-Times
The gubernatorial campaign debate over improved funding for education boils down to which kind of poison you prefer. Democratic Gov. Blagojevich advocates selling the lottery while Republican state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka pushes a Chicago casino. Both candidates are falling back on a new injection of gaming revenues because there's no appetite in the Legislature for fundamental reform to end reliance on property taxes to fund schools. And that's true because significant numbers of voters are skeptical of reform even if polls suggest a majority of Illinoisans supports it.

Free tuition at NU? Its in their genes. Sun-Times
Imagine being able to attend Northwestern University -- the most expensive school in the Chicago area -- and pay nothing in tuition.

Debate grows as colleges slip in graduations New York Times
When a research group started tracking what happens to Chicagos public school graduates after they enter college, it came upon a startling and dispiriting finding: the graduation rates at two of the citys four-year public universities were among the worst in the country.

Book takes simplified view of elite-college admissions Tribune
Americans no longer cherish the illusion of the United States as a perfect meritocracy--if they ever did. But they still seem to expect unalloyed merit to prevail in two contexts: the Last Judgment and the college admissions process.

UPDATE: Kindergartner
gets 4 day suspension for popper
A 5-year-old boy was suspended from kindergarten for popping a firework toy
in school.

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