Fresh Start In Education Week

EdWeek profiles district-union cooperation in Chicago and several other places, and its angle is that NCLB has often been the impetus (or at least the common enemy).  Interesting to see CTU and CPS folks talk about all this in a national context -- and that Fresh Start still counts as cooperation given its rough origins and twisty path to the present.

Marilyn Stewart, the president of the CTU, said her local affiliate
of the AFT took the lead on the initiative, adding that it has been a
success so far because it has been done in an atmosphere of cooperation
with the district. Four of the eight schools have already come off
probation, she added. “If there is something good coming
out of NCLB, it is more union-management collaboration on student
achievement,” Ms. Stewart said.

Under NCLB Pressure, Districts Negotiate School Improvement With Unions

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