Freaking Out Over The Next Education Secretary

People in DC seem to be freaking out over who's going to be the next Education Secretary -- wondering who it's going to be, and worrying in particular that it might be Stanford education professor Linda Darling Hammond. She's seen as a traditionalist who's out of step with Obama's ideas on charters, performance pay, and rigorous accountability. Not that anyone really knows what Obama will actually push for in office.

Other folks -- Arne, NYC's Joel Klein, former Governor Jim Hunt, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano -- don't seem to be the subject of quite so much concern. Of course, among the young reformy set it would be ideal to get one of their own like New Leaders founder Jon Schnur into a Cabinet position.

Of course, lots of readers of this blog would welcome someone with a traditional education background -- she was a teacher before she started teaching ed school, and has criticized TFA for being insufficient -- and will forgive Darling Hammond for having started charter schools and having worked at RAND at one point.

UPDATE: Here's my take on the situation from the Huffington Post: Uncertainty Over Obama Education Adviser.

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