Four, Six, or Eleven School Closings -- It Depends On What You Mean By "Closed"

The press conference later this morning probably won't settle the disagreement between the Sun-Times and the Tribune over how many schools are being closed for next year.  Following the Board's effort to present the closings as only one of a series of remedies for low-performing schools, the Trib focuses on the four schools that are going to be closed for academic reasons and are new announcements: 4 city schools to be closed

Not surprisingly, the Sun-Times goes along with the CTU's higher figure of 11 schools, which includes schools already announced as closing (Lindblom, Bowen and DuSable high
schools and at Arie and KIPP Chicago Youth Village). The ST also focuses on the impact of the closings on teachers:  Shakeups at 11 city schools to be detailed

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