Four Questions About The New Contract Proposal

ImagesIt's the countdown to the vote on the proposed contract, so tell us what we all want to know: 

How you gonna vote?  (Why so?)
Is the contract going to pass? (What makes you think that?)

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  • A big fat no from me....on a contract where you can't even get the starting date right...I'm voting no and hoping for one that actually means what it says and says what it means. I want a contract where the delegates get information sessions BEFORE they vote on it, not after...

  • Honesty-

    Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. If they would have come clean and instead of their list of "highlights" given us a list of pros and cons...if they would have given the delegates and members a week to read the agreement before the delegates voted, if they would have given us time to have questions answered, and had information sessions without so much spin (I love the Tribune handout I received at our meeting today)..."If the Tribune hates it, it must be good..."

    Whatever the case may be, I probably would have been inclined to vote yes with a concise, honest presentation of the, there's no way....

  • 5:23

    Before you continue talking out of your ass, go here:

    search for loserboy and see what I say about how lucky we are and how relatively inexpensive our health insurance is...

    But, just like the Union, you're trying to spin lies into time do a minimum of research before posting your crap.

  • Maybe we should have a new, third CTU faction for all of us Joe Schmos who are fed up with political b.s....something like




    Knowledge and


    Imagine the letterhead....

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