Former USDE Official Praises Duncan on NCLB

Over at This Week In Education (my original website), former USDE official Nina Rees surprises the bejeesus out of everyone (or at least just me) by saying nice things about Arne Duncan:

"I think people are quick to blame NCLB and
the federal government for problems that often have nothing to do with
the two. Some like Philadelphia Superintendent Paul Vallas and
Chicago's Arne Duncan have been able to seize the pressure points that
NCLB has created to drive real change in their schools but we need more
local leaders who are trying to meet the spirit of NCLB...Duncan understands the
importance of standards and choice and has already turned over the
governance of a number of his schools to different chartering outfits
which means he is serious about closing the achievement gap and using
innovative methods to reach his goals.

Wow.  Duncan on standards and choice and charters.  At least she didn't say he was good on SES. 

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