Former Chief Of Staff Davis Named To Board -- Never To Be Heard From Again?

DavisNot that it seems to matter one way or the other who's on the Board, but former Duncan chief of staff is apparently being named to the Board as a replacement for Rufus Williams [his old spot, I mean].  Correction, she has been named as of Thursday and will be there on Wednesday at the board meeting.

According to the CPS release:  "Peggy Davis, former chief of staff to CPS Chief Executive Officer Arne Duncan and an attorney with an extensive background in civil rights, was named to the Chicago Board of Education by Mayor Richard M. Daley Thursday...Davis served as Duncans chief of staff from 2001 to 2003, during which time she was also a partner in the law firm of Winston & Strawn. Currently, she is associate general counsel for compliance at Exelon Corporation..."

When was the last time that there was anything other than a uninamous vote on the board, or even any indication of individual members' interest areas or concerns?  Munana was into education technology for a while.  Michael Scott was into ballroom dancing lessons.  But that's all I can recall. Were there other examples? 

If not, it's amazing.  Even political appointees stand up for themselves or what they think is right in some places -- there've been a couple of incidents in NYC where board members were appointed by borough presidents or the mayor.  But not in CPS.

Photo credit:  Catalyst Magazine, where Davis is mentioned several places, including this May06 story about private funding for Ren10 schools.


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