First Ramos, Then Jones, Leave Posts At Curie High School

This is old news to most of you, but in the end it seems that everyone lost at Curie:  Principal Jones lost her job, though she's now going to be an AIO (as first reported by PURE).  LSC chair Tom Ramos lost his posts at Curie and Columbia Explorers, at least for now.  Both of them got dragged through the mud to varying degrees.  And the much-maligned but resilient institution of the LSC took another hit, in some minds at least. (Others would say it showed its resilience.)

Of course, there's more to it than that.  Jones' new job as head of A24 has to be approved by the Board, and Phillip Perry the former AP will serve as interim.  Ramos and the LSCs he is not currently a member of are still in some limbo, since there's no response to his appeal and his spots are still vacant, far as I know. 

Some background here:  Former Curie Principal Is Area 24 Head (SW News Herald).

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