First Lady Tours US Dept. Of Education

Michelle Obama to Career Staff: Thank You!. Politics K12


roughly 350 employees who gathered for the event cheered, applauded,

and used cellphone cameras to take pictures of the first lady.

Mo1Michelle Obama focuses on schools


a product of your work," she said, noting that she attended Chicago's

public schools. "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the public schools that nurtured

me and helped me along.

Michelle Obama's first outside White House function Sun Times


let me tell you that you couldn't be luckier than to have as your

leader this guy by the name of Arne Duncan. (Applause.) Barack and I,

my brother, my family, we've known Arne for a very long time, and we've

seen his growth, his leadership develop over the years. And he is

someone who is committed, hardworking, passionate."

First lady

rallies education department staffers


one of her first public speaking events as first lady, Michelle Obama

told employees at the federal Department of Education on Monday to

"roll up (their) sleeves" and prepare for "hard work" as the new

administration seeks to expand education funding in the face of the

economic downturn.

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