Finding Hidden High School Gems

So your favorite kid didn't get into one of the big eight SE high schools. You called everyone you knew to try and get him or her in as a principal's pick, but you don't think that's going to pan out. You can't move and can't afford tuition. And you're understandably concerned about safety. What to do?

Maybe this site can help - savvy parents, veteran teachers, long-term administrators. Truth is, there are strong programs outside of the big eight -- if you know where to look. It may not be the whole school that's strong -- maybe just a program inside a school, or a department, or even just one great teacher. (They still make those, don't they?)

So --what's your favorite non-selective CPS high school? What's the school that no one knows about or has a bad history but has changed and really deserves a second look? Who, outside the selectives, has the best computer program, or English program? Are any of the charters worth considering despite their reputed lack of electives and enrichment programs?

Last but not least, who's the teacher who's worth a whole school - the Rafe Esquieth, Jaime Escalante, or Mr. Holland (take your pick) of Chicago?

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