Finally, A Real Mention In The Trib

I don't know why I care what the Tribune has to say, given that the best education coverage these days comes from this little blog and the Chi-Town Daily News, but still I was glad to find out that -- finally -- District 299 got a mention in a little piece in which Robin Steans is asked if a letter posted here about Advance Illinois' plans was accurate:

"She declined to comment about Advance Illinois' goals

prior to the group's fall kickoff.

But she confirmed the authenticity of a letter that appeared recently on District 299,

a blog about the Chicago schools."

Indeed. Many mainstream reporters and editors would have pretended to have gotten the letter on their own rather than admitting that they'd seen it first here. Thanks to Charles Storch for not doing that -- and a call to the rest of you out there to come clean about where you get some of your ideas and early leads.

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