Expanded Chi-Town Daily Education Coverage

The dailies may be cutting back, but education coverage is all the rage online it seems. Here's a slew of recent stories from the Chi-Town Daily News, which includes two written by former WBEZ education reporter Jay Field:

Judge to weigh testimony on CPS desegregation

Members of the public will have their say tomorrow on how

successful Chicago has been at integrating its schools. CPS has long

maintained that its student assignment policies have met the court’s

demands, and is asking for an end to judicial oversight.

Obama's words lift audience at a troubled school

As Barack Obama took the oath of office, the cafeteria at troubled

Harper High in Englewood fell silent.

An unexpected moment in the limelight for Sacred Heart students

When 13-year-old Michael Waller of the Sacred Heart Schools walked into

the recording studio, he knew it would be no ordinary day in music


Francis W. Parker School to open revamped auditorium

Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow will take the stage for the first

performance in the private school's new space. A $5 million donation

funded the renovations, which will allow the entire student body to

meet under one roof.

What do you think about CTDN's coverage of education, compared to WBEZ or Catalyst or the dailies? Me, I'm just grateful that there's any coverage at all.

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