EXCLUSIVE: More Details On "Ren-10 2.0"

Following up on the previous post (Counting Down To Consolidation), here are some more details about the closings-consolidations plan that will be detailed next week that are sure to interest and/or enrage you:

1: About the 147 schools named as "underutilized, there's still no list but there is a breakdown: 25 schools at under 25 percent utilization (80 percent is considered full), 43 below 40 percent, and 79 below 50 percent.

It's those 25 below 25 percent that are likely to be the Board's first targets, right? Anyone know what schools are that low, or on the potential closings list in years past? I'm sure we can patch together a list of our own.

2: There are going to be four kinds of things done to underutilized schools -- relocations, phaseouts, consolidations, and outright closings.

My guess is that they'll do their best to avoid saying they're closing schools and use the other three names as much as possible, except for academic failure. It gets pretty semantic at a certain point, however. For kids and families and teachers, what's the real difference between having your school consolidated into another and having it closed?

3: The plan is to do something to 5-10 school buildings per year, over the next five years.

I hereby dub this initiative "Ren-10 Version 2.0," since it resembles Ren10 in closing and opening schools but goes beyond 2010 and is in truth a whole 'nother thing.

4: In the meantime, there are still 30-40 schools that are overcrowded, according to the plan (which I've now seen). While 40 new schools were built since 1995, just 14 new elementaries are in the works under MSAC (along with 11 replacement schools).

Anyone who has or has seen the MSCA list, I'm sure folks would love to see where the new and replacement schools are supposed to be.

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