Excessed Teachers, CTU Infighting (Continued)

UPDATE: "Luis Pyster" writes in with some citywide highs and lows in the comments section, and CPS weighs in with its even more detailed spreadsheet. Thanks to both.

There's lots of not-yet-verified chatter on the blog about teachers losing their jobs due to enrollment drops -- 17 at Clemente, 10 at Hyde Park, 5 at Manley. Others? That isn't good for teachers, or very smooth for kids who get shifted around after the year has started. And it sounds like it might be more than the usual problems with projections and estimates.

Meanwhile, again according to reader comments, CTU has canceled its monthly House of Delegates meeting scheduled for Wednesday, and the various splinter and opposition groups within CTU are picketing the non-meeting and then gathering together to talk and plan on their own. Well, not entirely together. The different groups -- CORE, PACT, and CSDU -- aren't getting along.

If I understand correctly, CORE and PACT are going to meet Wednesday at

4:30 at the United Electrical Workers hall, 37 South Ashland. The

meeting will be preceded by a picketing of Plumbers' Hall, both to

protest the meeting cancellation and to inform delegates who show up

about our meeting down the street. CSDU is meeting at the same time, but at Parthenon.

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