Evolution and Afrocentrism

Afrocentric schoolwork pushed Tribune

should establish classes with an African-centered curriculum in at
least one elementary school this fall if it is serious about closing
the achievement gap between African-American and white pupils,
Evanston/Skokie District 65 Supt. Hardy Murphy said Tuesday night.  See previous post: 
How Far Would You Go To Raise Minority Achievement?

Do the Evolution Chicagoist

museum officials say the timing is just a coincidence, the Field Museum display
opens as Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection faces
another round of criticism from creationists. A nationwide poll in
October found that 53 percent of adult Americans believed that "God
created humans in their present form exactly the way the Bible
describes it." 53 percent. Of adults. Another 51 percent
believe that the remote control to their television actually works
because a small bird flies out of it and changes the channel for them,
and that their vacuum is really just a little wooly mammoth that snorts

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