Engaging Teachers vs. Engaging Communities

It's worth noting as the vote on Collins and other to-be-closed schools approaches that there's an interesting post from Mike Klonsky over at Small Talk about a low-performing Denver high school that was broken up into small schools by the district to no great effect (Denver's Manual High:
The inevitable failure of top-down reform

According to Klonsky, much of the failure on the top-down nature of the reform.  And he may be right.  The district is now changing the school yet again -- back into a comprehensive high school. But I've written before about being uncertain about the community engagement part (Public Engagement: Do We Have To?) and I remain so.  To me, it's more about engaging the teachers and administrators effectively (Payzant-style) than about engaging the community (parents, community leaders), but I've been wrong before.   Obviously, both would be ideal.

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