Elliot Regenstein Rides Off Into The Sunset

I got a call last week from Elliot Regenstein, the governor's now-former education advisor, to let me know that it was his last day.  He's headed back into the private sector, as they say -- back to lawyering -- after a roughly two year stint doing all sorts of things, from early childhood to district consolidation to that plan the governor laid out to keep Meeks out of the election.

There are many who view Regenstein and others like him -- noneducators, short-timers, gringos -- as unhelpful when it comes to school reform.  (I call it the TFA argument, since that's what people often say about TFAers.)  And indeed there are some disadvantages to having folks jump in and out of making education policy (and teaching).   But enough of them stay -- Regenstein is  remaining on an early learning advisory board -- and sometimes their smarts and energy seem to make it worth it over all. 

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  • I have believed for a long time that anyone involved with running the schools should have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience. I also think that all administrators (school board members, superintendents, principals, and union officers) should have to teach at least 2 weeks a year in order not to forget what it is like on the front lines. Once a person serves two terms as an administrator or union officer, they should have to go back to the classroom to teach for a year.

    This is the only way that they will truly represent us and the students.

  • Anyone who wants to lead the schools should have at least 10 years teaching experience--a business background is good but it doesn't help you to understand the parents, teachers and students.

    I also believe that all administrators (principals, union officers and board members, as well as the people downtown should be required to spend 2 weeks a year in the classroom so they don't forget what it is like.

    After serving two terms, they should be required to teach a year before they can run again.

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