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If you missed it yesterday AM or PM, the education segments on WBEZ's 848 can be listened to anytime on your desk computer or laptop here:  Eight Forty-Eight

The school funding segment is here (Republican State Represenative and Education Caucus leader Bob Pritchard of Sycamore discusses education funding reform.)  The Jay Field segment on Mayor Daley's reforms (including Carlos Azcoitia) is here (Mayor Daley is touting his school reform efforts heading into the municipal elections.) And my comparison of what's going on Chicago vs. other cities is here (Education writer Alexander Russo Russo compares and contrasts the Chicago experiment with efforts in other cities.)

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  • This morning Eight Forty Eight did a segment on the Big Shoulder schools in Back of the yards and Bronzville.

    Alarm bells went off as I was listening, because these schools sound so similar to the 2 new Montessori schools Suder and Drummond.

    I know that Big Shoulders is not Montessori but loosely compliments the style, both in class size and curriculum.

    Suder and Drummond started with a 2010 grant of 8.9 million. In a year or two that money will be. What happens after that? Is CPS going to say they can no longer operate these schools because they too will be expensive to operate.

    I have applied to Suder and Drummond for my 4 yr old. I am just afraid that these programs will not exist for the long term and the children will pay the price.

  • I meant to say that the 8.9 million will be spent.

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