Education Writers Assocation Meets In Chicago This Week

Hundreds of education writers -- and the folks who try to get them to write their stories -- are going to be in Chicago this week for the Umpteenth Annual Education Writers conference. Speakers include Michelle Rhee, the new District of Columbia education

chancellor, and Steve James, director of the award-winning documentary,

Hoop Dreams. Sessions will look at pay-for-performance for teachers,

gender and brain research, the hidden costs of college, college sports,

and other topics. UFT

president Randi Weingarten, Chicago schools CEO Arne Duncan, researcher

Sabrina Laine and Denver teacher Margaret Bobb will explore

pay-for-performance and merit pay. Researcher Sandy Baum and US PIRG

higher ed expert Luke Swarthout will look at the hidden costs of

college. National

Association for Single Sex Public Education president Leonard Sax and

neuroscientist Lise Eliot will break down the issue of what brain

research says about gender and learning. Click to get all the details.

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